(Which we have, by necessity, begun creating today.)

A City of Equity.

Of Justice.

Where Angelenos breathe clean air through healthy lungs.

A carbon-neutral place powered by 100% renewable energies.

Whose heart beats from clean local water supplies.

Whose curatives have replaced toxins and pesticides and herbicides.

Where wildlife habitat connectivity thoroughfares redefine “urban jungle.”

Where Immigrants are welcomed and Monarchs reign.

Where reuse is the norm and single-use abuse has been halted.

Where only the elders remember freeways once lay where parklands and open space dwell.

Where Good Food is the rule, vegan protein options widely-available, and food security prioritized for all.

For you.

Where one day, the elders tell, neighbors came together, redefined community, and cooperation, and led a world out of trouble.

To a world of tomorrow.

Cool LA

Cool LA has launched a true climate mobilization across the City of Los Angeles—to do not what is possible, but what is necessary—with the aim of enabling Angelenos to come together to take authentic climate action and build climate resilience.

Our varied backgrounds, skill sets, and perspectives have come together to provide Angelenos with the tools and resources necessary to keep our families, communities, and City safe and habitable for generations to come, and to protect this special place we call home.

With the latest climate research and expertise actionable, through a program that meets people where they are, helps build social cohesion and community care, is scalable across the City, and results in significant collective action and results.

Every Angeleno has a role to play in meeting the great challenge of the climate crisis and in building a just, equitable, and healthy future for all—our job is to ensure that all Angelenos have the tools, resources, and support needed to meet this challenge.


Cool City Challenge: Carbon Neutral City Scaling Slides

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A Call To Action

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Cool City Challenge

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